What Kind Of Film Do I Have?




                                                                                        Super 8 mm

                                           This is Super 8mm film also known as S-8.


                              Usually recorded in 20 to 24 frames/sec and the ability to have a separate

                              audio track imbedded in the celluloid edge on the opposite side of the

                              transport holes that have a rectangular shape.




                                              Standard 8 mm

                            This film has the same 8mm width as the one above and is known as regular

                            or standard 8mm film.


                            Please note that the holes in the filmstrip are larger than S-8 and make

                            an almost perfect square. This was the first consumer recordable celluloid

                            strip which had no capability of recording audio therefore your footage will

                            always be silent.These two film types are usually found in standard reel sizes.



            7 reel

            400 feet


            5 reel

            200 feet


            3 reel

            50 feet