Getting Started with your 8 mm


The best way to start, is to organize your film reels.

First you'd have to find out what kind of film you have, and then you'd have to put them in the right orderYthe sequence they should appear in your video.

If you have absolutely no idea about the year and order, there is a solution.

We would make you a view‑copy, containing your footage and a reference number on the video itself for each reel transferred. You would then make a list while viewing the tape and put them in the right order. After submitting the list back to us, we would create an edited master, following your list and other instructions such as titles and music inserts if you have any. 

The transfer price is the same and you will be charged for only one transfer.

The only additional cost would be the editing time at $40.00 per hour.

Even if we would need 2 hours to edit your masterpiece, it would still be less than locating and renting a projector and possibly damaging your film during viewing, to determine the order for your reels.